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Earlier I blogged about the 6 activity modes. Over the next few posts I am going to present some examples of games that highlight each of the activity modes. Today the focus is on Active Play. For those of you who don’t want to exercise the power of links or the scroll bar, here’s a review:

The gameplay mode most often thought of in connection with computer and video games is the active mode. In this mode, the player must respond quickly, using rapid-fire techniques, “twitch” speed, and combinations of keys or buttons to achieve the goals of the game. The game clock and/or threat of character “death” often provide structure and consequences. In games that shape play around action, the story lines frequently emphasize dichotomous conflict where the player embodies good against an evil opponent. Many of the most popular commercial games, including “shooters”, arcade-style games, and puzzles incorporate active modes into their game play.

The following games are quite different from one another in subject matter, game controls and genre, but they all incorporate active play.

Upgrade Complete I typically hate shooters, because I have no twitch speed, but this one has an interesting purchasing aspect. As you play you earn points that allow you to upgrade from a bare-bones Atari style game to a jazzy modern shooter with pretty graphics.

Word Bubbles This fast-paced word game requires you to form words with the same 3 beginning letters in a limited amount of time. I tend to find it addictive.

Typing of the Dead Awesome! A typing program that has makes your “ASDF” blast and explode zombies.

Tetris The classic combo of active and problem-solving play. You know you want to practice your spatial reasoning.

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