Monthly Archives: December 2014

Encouraging Personal Growth through Scavenger Hunts

Building Experiences is holding a Youth Conference in January and we’re hashing out the structure of the weekend. One student has been vociferously requesting a scavenger hunt so I’ve been trying to figure out an authentic way to include her request in the weekend’s agenda. The scavenger hunt is still in development, but here are some creative ways that I’ve been thinking about modifying the structure:

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Unpacking my White Privilege

Tuesday night, I attended “I Can’t Breathe”: An Open Forum on Black Pain, Racial Justice and Healing. A breadth of speakers spoke about their experiences, specifically in our town and our university. I am writing in response to that great meeting, and as a challenge to my readers, particularly my white, Charlottesville-dwelling readers to Do More, and Be Better.

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Conference Commonalities: Ladies Arm Wrestling & Youth Development

A bit over two weeks ago I had the most affirming and wonderful weekend spent with over 50 women (and a handful of men). We came together in Washington, DC to hold a nation wide conference, and an interleague arm wrestling championship. For 6 years, I’ve been involved with CLAW, Charlottesville Ladies Arm Wrestling, and more recently, CLAW USA, the national coalition.

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